Road Construction

Road Construction

Brown Brothers Construction is a General Engineering Contractor licensed in the state of Utah. We have extensive knowledge and experience in Street, Road, and Highway Construction. We have been a prime contractor on a variety of new and reconstruction projects ranging from large to small. We have worked in environmentally sensitive areas and around various endangered or threatened habitats and wildlife. We have worked with individuals as well as with many city, county, state, and federal government agencies including UTSSD, UDOT, Federal Highways, the National Park Service, and the National Forest Service.



We have performed a wide variety of excavation projects around the state of Utah. We have moved most of the dirt and built the infrastructure on the upper end of the Lake Powell Marina facilities in Bullfrog, Hall’s Crossing, and Hite Marinas, even playing host to the maiden voyage of the John Atlantic Burr Ferry boat. We have also built many oil pads and access roads for Wolverine Oil & Gas in Sevier County and a load out facility for the SUFCO mine in Emery County.

Aggregate Production

Sand and Gravel Sales

We produce a variety of products at our gravel pit in Loa as well as at gravel pits located on or close to our jobsites throughout the state of Utah. The products we produce include chips, roadbase, concrete sand and rock, as well as other products used for construction.



We have a fleet of transportation trucks used primarily for transporting our own equipment from jobsite to jobsite in addition to hauling material from gravel pits located on or close to our jobsites for use in our construction projects. However, we also provide safe and reliable trucking services to local customers purchasing products from our gravel pit in Loa.

Ready-Mix Concrete Supply

Ready-Mix Concrete Supply

We use quality cement, aggregates, and admixtures to supply the highest quality concrete. Concrete is one of the most versatile substances that has been used for centuries in a wide range of construction projects, such as home foundations, driveways, roadways, bridges, dams, buildings and more. We are committed to consistently providing quality materials in the correct proportions, properly mixed and delivered in a timely manner.

Land Development and Site Preparation

Land Development

Whether you’re starting a new project, or expanding an existing one, we provide services to help you with excavating, grading, clearing, grubbing, and demolition of structures. We have the experience and equipment to handle jobs of any scale, and are committed to getting the job done safely and efficiently, and to meet and exceed our client’s site contracting goals.



90 North 200 East P.O. Box 249
Loa, Utah 84747


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237310 Highway, Street, and Bridge Construction

212321 Construction Sand and Gravel Mining

213112 Support Activities for Oil and Gas Operations

213113 Support Activities for Coal Mining

221310 Water Supply and Irrigation Systems

221320 Sewage Treatment Facilities

237210 Land Subdivision

237990 Other Heavy and Civil Engineering Construction

238910 Site Preparation Contractors

327320 Ready-Mix Concrete Manufacturing

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